How do I draw directly to my forms control?

How do I draw directly to my forms control?

Post by mort » Wed, 28 Jun 2006 17:47:55


I have some C code that does some drawing.
It takes a pointer to the memory area where it's output images shall be
I want write a control which will use the C code to generate it's contents.
I'm new in this area of programming, both imaging and forms controls.
I've started out by using the code to draw on an Image object by using
LockBits and pass the resulting pointer to the C code. Is this the way to do
Do I use that code and just feed the created image to my control in some

Any help appreciated!


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I have an external VB6 program that captures signatures from a touch pad by
drawing directly on the from or a VB picture box. It uses the VB Pset and
Line methods of the form and/or picture box object to do the actual drawing.

Is there any way to do this in access using either the Image control or on
an Access form itself? As far as I know in Access 2K neither of these
controls have these methods available. I realize I may still have problems
getting Access to play nice with the Active X control for the touch pad, but
unless I can actually draw the signature I am pretty much stuck using the
external VB program.

Ron W

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