sound capture

sound capture

Post by heresjonny » Tue, 09 Dec 2003 18:35:21

I am looking for some high quality sound capture equipment to capture
sound for various multimedia applications including video and
animation. I have a apple ibook G4 with a Edmirol um-1 usb midi cable
interface 1 x 1.

I would appreciate any suggestions as to the best sound capture
equipment to use.

I have a budget of around 00, the equipment needs to be of
professional quality.


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Is it possible to get DirectSound to select an input line in Vista? I know I
can enumerate devices and lines (actually just devices in Vista) but when I
try to capture from a line, using the CaptureSound sample, the line just
keeps being muted in Vista and silence is recorded. However if I manually go
into Sound->Recording Devices and look at the properties for the device, I
can see that the device is, by default, muted.

Is there any way to let DirectSound control the mute state for the
lines/devices? The best thing would be muting everything I do not wan to
record and un-mute the device I would like to record from.

My aim is simply to build a line selection tool with a volume meter -
similar to the one in Live Messengers Audio Settings. Are there any concrete
examples on that?

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