The canonical clc malloc idiom

The canonical clc malloc idiom

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Keith Thompson wrote, On 20/09/07 20:12:

In N1124 and N1256 you have in para 5:
If the size is an expression that is not an integer constant
expression: if it occurs in a declaration at function prototype
scope, it is treated as if it were replaced by *; otherwise,
each time it is evaluated it shall have a value greater than zero.
The size of each instance of a variable length array type does not
change during its lifetime. Where a size expression is part of the
operand of a sizeof operator and changing the value of the size
expression would not affect the result of the operator, it is
unspecified whether or not the size expression is evaluated.

which I believe is inconsistent with the paragraph you quoted. So I
think it is a defect in the standard.

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