R-Comp Interactive release UniPrint 2

R-Comp Interactive release UniPrint 2

Post by druc » Wed, 26 Oct 2005 06:39:28

Yes, the End User License is a marvellous innovation which has transferred
liability arising from the worlds poorest quality operating system to users
stupid enough to buy it. When it comes to skill in software engineering,
Microsoft have the best lawyers in the business.

Follow-ups set.


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2. FS: UniPrint Software from R-Comp

Hi all,

Now that I no longer have a Windows PC on my network, I don't have any use
for my copy of UniPrint from R-Comp any more, so I think it's time for us to
part company. For those that don't know, UniPrint allows you to print over a
network to any printer installed on a Windows PC, regardless of whether there
is 'native' RISC OS support for it. Full details are available at:


The software is supplied on floppy, in mint condition, with the original
installation instructions. I made good use of it for a brief time last year,
and I found it to be a robust solution. I will, of course, contact R-Comp and
notify them of the change of ownership, should somebody take it off my hands.

It's RRP is 40ukp, but just make me any sensible offer. Please watch for the
spam trapped email address (sorry!) - just replace 'nospam' with 'andy'.




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