C# Remoted Event Source, COM Event Sink

C# Remoted Event Source, COM Event Sink

Post by Tim » Thu, 22 Sep 2005 00:58:51

Hi All,

I'm having trouble figuring this out. I have a C# object, which is
exposed to COM, and fires events. I also have a COM object that can
create the C# object, call DispEventAdvise to be the sink for these
events. This all works fine. Now I want to change it so that instead of
the COM object CoCreating the C# object, I have a C# server which
remotes the object. The COM object uses Activator::GetObject() to get
the remoted object, and then I want to call DispEventAdvise() to set
the COM object as an event sink for the remoted object. I can't get it
to work. DispEventAdvise returns hr = 0x8013150B. I'm assuming that
this should be possible, and help would be greatly appreciated.

My C# object...

using System;
using System.Runtime.InteropServices;

namespace EventSource
public delegate void OnCompleteDelegate();

// Define event sink interface to be implemented by the COM sink
[GuidAttribute("7D6A6BB0-C136-4a22-9F84-ABC8603B3D6F") ]
public interface IEventTestEvents
[DispId(0)] void OnComplete();

[GuidAttribute("88A158C1-896C-467a-B3CC-9F2068093AE2") ]
public interface IEventTest
void FireCompleteEvent();

// Connects the event sink interface to a class
public class EventTest : MarshalByRefObject, IEventTest
// URL information for remoting this object
public const String RemotingProtocol = "tcp://";
public const String RemotingPort = "1234";
public const String RemotingURI = "EventTestUri";
public const String RemotingLocal = RemotingProtocol + "localhost" +
":" + RemotingPort + "/" + RemotingURI;
public const String RemotingRemote = RemotingProtocol + "{0}" + ":" +
RemotingPort + "/" + RemotingURI;

public event OnCompleteDelegate OnComplete;

public EventTest()

public void FireCompleteEvent()

The code in my COM object where I try to call DispEventAdvise...

EventSource::EventTest* et =
System::IntPtr iUnknown =
IUnknown* pUnk = (IUnknown*)(void*)iUnknown;
HRESULT hr = DispEventAdvise(pUnk, &DIID_IEventTestEvents);

Thanks for any help,


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