R-Comp announce the release of MusicMan version 1.50

R-Comp announce the release of MusicMan version 1.50

Post by R-Com » Sat, 15 Oct 2005 20:12:10

R-Comp is pleased to announce the release of version 1.50 of its
MusicMan CD audio/MP3 software. Version 1.50 is a significant
upgrade, and now allows users to save modified track-listings back to
harddisc (usually they would be downloaded from the internet) which
can be useful when using home-made audio CDs. The new version also
features a "mini" mode, which reduces the size of the main window,
whilst still allowing access to all the key features. Additional CD
playback features have been added, alongside all the usual MP3
creation facilities.

MusicMan 1.50 is a free upgrade for existing MusicMan owners, and was
sent to registered users last week.

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