R-Comp Interactive announce availability of the RISCBook

1. R-Comp Interactive release MusicMan 1.40

2. R-Comp Interactive release UniPrint 2

Yes, the End User License is a marvellous innovation which has transferred
liability arising from the worlds poorest quality operating system to users
stupid enough to buy it. When it comes to skill in software engineering,
Microsoft have the best lawyers in the business.

Follow-ups set.


The ARM Club Free Software - http://www.yqcomputer.com/
The 32bit Conversions Page - http://www.yqcomputer.com/

3. R-Comp announce enhanced DataPower 2 CD

4. R-Comp announce new DataPower printed manuals

5. R-Comp announce Messenger Pro for Linux, Mac and Windows

6. R-Comp announce DataPower 3.10

7. R-Comp Announce SafeStore Backup and Storage Bundles

8. R-Comp announce DialUp 3 and NetFetch 2

9. R-Comp Announce SafeStore Backup and Storage Bundles

10. R-Comp announce NetFetch 3.50 with DirectMail

11. R-Comp announce new Family History research software

12. R-Comp announce DataPower Home

13. R-Comp announce Grapevine 1.15