RISC OS Open Ltd at London RISC OS user group, Monday 20th July 2009

RISC OS Open Ltd at London RISC OS user group, Monday 20th July 2009

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The next meeting of the RISC OS user group of London will be:

RISC OS Open Ltd
presenting RISC OS 5 on the Beagleboard

Monday 20th July, 7:45pm

The Blue-Eyed Maid (upstairs)
173 Borough High Street

The Beagleboard is a prototype hardware development system using the new
ARM Cortex-A8 processor. This system is being used in several upcoming
netbook computers. Earlier in 2009 Jeffrey Lee announced that he had
successfully got RISC OS 5 running on the Beagleboard.

This is of major importance as it suggests the possibility of RISC OS
running on modern, more powerful and portable hardware at some time in the
future. Work has progressed rapidly and this will be most people's first
opportunity to see this exciting new development.

ROOL will be demonstrating RISC OS 5 running on one or more Beagleboards
using ROUGOL's projector, talking about its significance and answering
questions. ROOL are also continuing to develop RISC OS 5 for the Iyonix
and other computers, including the release of the free of charge RISC OS
5.14 back in April this year, so this will also be a chance to discuss
this and other aspects of the RISC OS Shared Source initiative.

A range of hot and cold food, *** ic and non- *** ic drinks (quite
expensive), will be on sale. Admittance is free and everyone is welcome.

Anyone with wireless enabled handhelds or laptops should be able to access
the internet during the meeting, or (if time allows) use ROUGOL's own Risc
PC to do so after the main presentation has finished. Please speak to
Bryan Hogan if you have problems connecting.

The venue is between London Bridge and Borough tube stations, so readily
accessible by public transport (both stations are a five minute walk away,
through well lit and CCTV'd main streets). It also has ample cycle
parking (covered by CCTV) very close by.

If you are arriving by car, the Congestion Charge ends at 6pm and our
meeting starts much later. However, please note that parking on double
red lines is restricted at all times. On single red or yellow lines, it
is best to park after 7pm. If you aren't completely familiar with
*central* London parking or driving, please allow extra time, patience,
and maps.

If you need any help getting to the venue, please contact us.

Future ROUGOL meetings
ROUGOL will continue to meet at the same venue on the third Monday evening
of each month.

July 20th - RISC OS Open Ltd; RISC OS 5 on the Beagleboard
August 17th - informal meeting
September 21st - TBC
October 19th - Impact 2 presented by Matthew Phillips

Not at the same venue - RISC OS London Show, 3rd October 2009

If you need any help reaching the venue, or any other information, please
contact us as below.


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