[ZFC] ZFC2 to close

[ZFC] ZFC2 to close

Post by MMW Crashn » Wed, 13 Sep 2006 22:30:23

zedeffcee, the Smartgroup channel for the Zimmer Frame Club, will be
closing in the next few days. This is partly due to the lack of posts, but
mostly to do with the extreme difficulty that users are having with
posting there. In common with many groups that have used Smartgroups, the
lack of decent support and the lag being encountered (about one week!)
means that this service can no longer be relied on.

ZFC2 users that have yet to change over to zfc-chat are advised to do so
as soon as possible. Alternatively you can try the argonet.zfc group if
you have access.

ZFC2 is closing down. Thanks for watching!

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2. Talking of Jokes was zfc and Orpheus

In article < XXXX@XXXXX.COM >, Steven Pampling

Many years ago - sighhhhhh !! X-P

I went on an international French course at Tours.
There was a delightful adverti *** t all over the place, it showed a little
boy peeing into a pond or stream. Underneath was the caption,
"Laissez l'eau naturel aux grenouilles."

I said to a French friend, "For an Englishmen, knowing the French love of
wine and knowing a few alternative meanings of words, this ad was very

Having explained it, he got the joke and told me another joke. He must have
been a very good friend !!!

His joke started,
"When God created the world and the universe and all these different
countries, "La France etait si belle," more beautiful than any other
country. So God thought that this was a bit unfair. He thought long and
hard. After a while a broad smile came over his face, he had thought of the
perfect solution ............."

No prizes for getting the right answers ...... zfcing can be just such fun.
Isn't that a good enough prize ?

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