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Post by Qercus edi » Wed, 25 Feb 2004 19:02:02

By now some people should have received their copy of Qercus - ie issue
268 of Acorn User or vol 10 issue 1 of Acorn Publisher. The additional
printing numbers and distribution is new to us so we're not sure how long
it will take to get to all subscribers or to be available in the shops.
Some bulk mailings to overseas customers may not go until next week.

Our experience so far with the database we inherited from Tau Press is
that some customers will receive duplicate copies of the magazine whilst
others will not receive one at all. We have been working hard to put right
as many errors as we could identify but we know there are still some
problems remaining.

If you receive an extra issue will you please let us know and tell us
which reference numbers are on the two (three/four!) labels so that we can
put it right for next time. Please don't return any copies - donate
duplicates to a friend, library, dentist/doctor's waiting room &c

If you don't receive your copy (UK) then please do not let us know until
the middle of next week; we have arranged to do *another* sweep of the
database after the SW Show and may have sorted out outstanding problems by
the time you call. Whilst far-flung Acorn User subscribers should receive
their copies faster than before they should give it an extra week at least
before reporting non-receipt.

For this occasion reminders have been sent separately from the magazine
and should have already been received by UK subscribers who need to renew
their subscription. If you have received a reminder but have already
re-subscribed recently to Tau Press then don't panic; you will still get a
copy of this issue of the magazine and have a couple of weeks to sort out
the problem before labels for the next issue are prepared.

You may guess that we have had a tough time getting this issue out! We
think it will be worth the wait and the following issue is in line for
publication after an interval of 3-4 weeks. Details of the current issue
will be given in another .announce and on our web-site over the next
of days.

See (some of) you at the South West Show on Saturday,

John Cartmell editor Qercus - XXXX@XXXXX.COM
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