Calling New Zealand RISC OS users - and others!

Calling New Zealand RISC OS users - and others!

Post by Paul Viga » Fri, 25 Nov 2005 02:40:41

As part of the continuing revamp and improvements going on at I'm updating all the user group and club pages around the

I'm specifically trying to update the New Zealand pages at the moment, as
I'm aware that some of the club links are outdated or broken. If you're in
that neck of the woods and attend a usergroup, or fancy
starting/resurrecting one, then please get in touch with me and I'll update
the page at

The same goes for anyone in other 'far-flung' parts of the world. Lets
start getting RISC OS a higher profile. is a central portal for news, reviews, software & technical
support and putting people in touch on anything RISC OS related.
It was created in 2000 by Paul Vigay with the aim of promoting and
encouraging the use of RISC OS around the world.


Paul Vigay

Using, programming and promoting RISC OS - the most productive computer
system in the world. Check it out now, and change your view of computers!!

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