Forcing the use of given freshrate

Forcing the use of given freshrate

Post by Jerome Mat » Sun, 27 May 2007 06:05:24


I've bought a nice X-arcade duo board which is an arcade-grade game controler
a few days ago and was frustrated to see it would not connect to my wife's PC
(who's not overly e *** d about the stuff). The stick output is PS/2 and the
laptop only accepts USB. While I'm in search for a PS/2-USB adapter, I tried
connecting the stick to the RPC since this has a PS/2 keyboard input. It
works (the board is in fact some sort of keyboard PCB, sending keypresses).

First, I fired off Wavelength which I thought would be a nice shoot'em up to
try with the setup. Since the x-arcade can have the configuration changed
thru the keyboard I did just that to have the directions with the stick and
thrust, fire and bomb with 3 buttons. The game feel was really sweet with the

Then the emulators to see if the most complex moves could be done in fighting
games. Running KOF96 on !Gameboy works with sound but much too fast ! Is
there a way to force the game to select a given screen refresh instead of
the 100 Hz screenmode I get by default ? Copy/pasting at the end of the
Monitor's definition file doesn't change anything. I switched to VGB as
emulator but this one is not fun (no sound) and a bit too slow.

Jerome Mathevet

Forcing the use of given freshrate

Post by aw2900 » Sun, 27 May 2007 07:23:51

The optical mice from Tesco use a USB to PS/2 interface (which in turn
attaches to a PS/2 to Acorn mouse socket).

On the subject of joysticks and emulation, I once managed to play BBC
Elite using an Amiga-style joystick through the STD Solo interface on
a RiscPC.



Forcing the use of given freshrate

Post by Theo Marke » Thu, 07 Jun 2007 01:25:52

Careful! Unless you know different, most of the adaptors are for
mice that are designed for PS/2 and USB - they won't convert other mice.
I'm not sure they'll even work on a PS2/USB mouse from a different
manufacturer. And they certainly won't convert PS/2 keyboards.

Which isn't a problem, but be aware just in case anyone was thinking of
buying one just for the adaptor.

There /are/ some real PS/2 to USB converters out there - usually it's that
way round, haven't seen the reverse. These are often supplied standalone
- if you see one with two PS/2 ports, or with other features (RS232,
parallel, etc) then it should work (and would probably work on a RISC OS USB
card too, for the PS2 bits at least). I bought a couple of these from CPC
for work the other week (2xPS2+1xRS232, about 20 quid).


Forcing the use of given freshrate

Post by Jess » Thu, 07 Jun 2007 06:10:50

Generally the different manufacturers use the same adaptors. I have
seen some keyboards that are USB / PS/2 and use the same adaptors.