Master/Tube Elite

Master/Tube Elite

Post by M J Forbe » Tue, 14 Mar 2006 02:20:42

Hi all

Just been playing around with the 'Enhanced' version of Elite on BeebEm, and
have noticed that apart from the fact that it seems much faster (thanks
emulated co-pro!) than it did back in the day, there's a few points that I'm

Firstly, on the scanner at the bottom of the screen, different "objects"
appear in different colours. Can anyone point me to a point of reference as
to what the colours mean? It seems to me that red indicates an asteroid,
but I can't figure out what the others mean (if the colours actually denote

Also, looking through the manual, it seems that pressing "I" after arming a
missile would bring up a description of the target ship. Back in the old
days, I could never get this to work (I assumed that this was an "enhanced"
feature that wasn't available on the humble BBC B) - can anyone out there
confirm that this works, or was it something that Braben/Bell intended to
include, but was eventually overlooked.

Thanks for any help!


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Master/Tube Elite

Post by Geoffrey K » Thu, 16 Mar 2006 08:50:51


I have a copy of the enhanced version of Elite also for the Master 128, and
coloured objects appears to be red for asteroids, cyan for ships, white for
space station and blue for escape pods and cargo canisters. I think
show up as stripy red/cyan objects on the scanner but it's been such a long
time since I played the game properly.


This is something I shall have to look up myself!