Red Squirrel and Cavern Duel

Red Squirrel and Cavern Duel

Post by banwackeri » Sun, 01 Aug 2004 15:55:44


I finally took the plunge, and downloaded Red Squirrel. I then dug out
Cavern Duel from my website, and a few minutes of faffing about later,
got the game actually running!

Fantastic! Ah, the nostalgia. It's a pity myself and my brother's WIMP
coding is frankly awful. Lots of palette files to mess up the desktop,
and my attempt at WIMP coding for its editor is just woeful now.

Now, I *must* get Virtual Acorn, if only to see if it works on later
OS versions.

This leads to a question - does anyone use VirtualAcorn for commercial
development purposes? It sounds odd to use a PC to develop RISC OS
stuff, but why not? Kill two birds with one stone - create software
that works on both native and emulated RISC OS platforms.

It would indeed be great to dip into RISC OS again, even if, for the
time being at least, it's v3.11 - aaaah, system fonted desktop, chunky
mode 12, 16 color desktop. Lovely ;-)


Steve Scott

sa_scott AT yahoo DOT com

Red Squirrel and Cavern Duel

Post by Jess » Sun, 01 Aug 2004 17:47:14

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It think some do, for saving the number of machines in use and the
extra control that using a virtual machine gives you. (eg if you stuff
it up you can use the host machine to fix it).

I use VA5000 at work with 3.11, I use it in an 800x600 window on the
desktop, in 256 colour mode, with antialiased desktop fonts and the
clear theme (MacOSX clone) it looks better than the windows system it
runs on.

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