wtb: domesday system/domesday parts

wtb: domesday system/domesday parts

Post by stu » Sun, 31 Oct 2004 06:03:50

Hi everyone,

I am looking to buy a complete domesday system or parts thereof. Good prices
paid and will pay cash and collect.
I appreciate the equipment is hard to come by, but it's a case of don't ask
and don't get!



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First rule of Laservision. The side you see is not the side you play,
and as any fule no, the label for Side A goes on Side B since the disc
is read from below.

Well, Russ' original national disc has the labels on the wrong side. I'd
wondered, when it had the wrong light for CLV or CAV. Progress appears
to be taking the form of freakish, Event Horizon style flashes. I'm
getting yellowy coloured images interlaced in crude sections.

My instincts tell me that either the laser alignment or the motor speed
is incorrect. I've tried two motors, the original from the VP415 has a
slight imbalance, but neither motor has any effect. Now, despite my
sixth-sense diagnosis, these these are probably out of my experience to
adjust. The VP415 structure is highly complex, with the genlock
sandwhich seemingly siamesed underneath - making adjustments to any of
the driver boards very difficult.

Now, are everyone's Domesday discs incorrectly labelled? (Yeah,
everyone, like everyone has a set, right?). I'm loathe to keep unpacking
my good set until I have a fully functional player. The manual
reinforces the point about the side that is read is actually the
opposite side to the label...

Richard (on Mac).

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