Samba problem

Samba problem

Post by Jacques ha » Sat, 03 Feb 2007 05:45:09

Samba did work fine in my Iyonix, allowing a PC in
my home network to read from and write to a public
directory and also allowing the PC to print to the
Iyonix printer.
Since a few days, the PC no longer 'sees' the
public directory in the Iyonix, though it can
still print to the Iyo-printer without a problem.
AFAIK, I didn't change anything to the Samba
settings in the Iyo, so I am suspecting some
M$-upgrade, but actually, I have no idea what
caused the problem.
Omni still allows me to read from and write to
the PC public folder - nothing changed there.

I wonder if anyone has any idea how and why
Samba makes the public directory invisible
to the PC while it still allows printing,
and even better, can tell me how to fix the



Samba problem

Post by druc » Sun, 04 Feb 2007 05:21:16

Reposted and follow ups set to csa.networking which is for networking issues.


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