FS: RiscPC 700 with Kinetic and Viewfinder card

FS: RiscPC 700 with Kinetic and Viewfinder card

Post by Eddi » Sat, 21 Oct 2006 06:57:10


Just a reminder that my well speced RiscPC is up for auction and the
auction closes lunchtime Friday.


Item number 270040965452


Best Regards
Contact address: eddielord AT onetel DOT com

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2. FS: 2 SA-RiscPC's, ViewFinder, RO4.02 etc.

Just got my Acorns back from America. Not keen on bothering with eBay,
so thought I'd advertise on here. Make me some offers (well over 100ukp
each, no timewasters).

Apparently would be about 15ukp postage for the 2-slice, or I could
deliver/pickup around Gloucester:

Acorn Mk3 SA-RiscPC, Digital 200K overclocked to 288MHz, 2-slice/4-way
backplane, RO4.02, 103W PSU, ANT Myson 10+2 ethernet, PS2/Mouse
inteface, 128Mb RAM, 2Mb VRAM, 4Gb HDD (could supply spare 17Gb)

Castle J233 SA-RiscPC, lazy task swapping Intel 233T, single
slice/2-way backplane (I think), RO4.02, 103W PSU, i3 EtherH 10baseT
ethernet, Acorn mouse, 128Mb RAM, 2Mb VRAM, 6Gb HDD

32Mb XPert2000 ViewFinder (and spare 8Mb Rage128 card)
ADPL EIDE interface
Atomwide dual (triple?) serial port interface
Morley User/Analogue (MIDI?) card
DX2/80 PC Card

Software (still got to sort/find!):
Browse CD
Java CD
AU200 CD
LanMan98 and some other WSS disks
Quake/Doom Trilogy CDs

I've not got a monitor until Thursday to test them out, but will
probably format the HDD's and reinstall the RO4.02 image, so one will
come with a CD-ROM.

I'd prefer to sell the lot to one person for a bargain price.

Email: simoninusa2001 @ yahoo .co.uk

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