USB wireless keyboard and mouse

USB wireless keyboard and mouse

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I have one of these sets for my PC. Plugging it into Unipod sees the
keyboard working but not the mouse. I have a second USB wireless mouse
that does work with Unipod - and this can be used along with that keyboard
on Unipod, but it would be nice to reduce the clutter on the desktop.

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You say in your next post that text is too big for the window.

How about - as a one-off perhaps..
lower the font size.. All I see the the drop-down is large and
I can choose Custom, but the lowest I can get is 75%

start..ctrl..display..appearance, but slightly different options. No
custom option.

I reckon though, at best that might only help a small bit. So it
would be a workaround and a poor one.

But if you know your way around the window, with tab, then you don't
need to see the text. You could see the text in the instruction
manual e.g. in a PDF. Or on a website.. maybe even on google images.

Hopefully somebody from Microsoft can respond..
This looks likely to be n issue with that specific MS product - it's
drivers. Maybe they are not compatible with sp3..

How about removing SP3 from add/remove programs? is that an option?
(unless you are a MS style security type who has to have windows
absolutely up-to-date as a priority)

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