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Post by Chik » Thu, 27 Jan 2005 03:52:41

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That was me. Bill can't do it, and from what Bill tells me, Danny doesn't
remember the password to upload it. Since you have a placeholder for it
online, we assumed that you had access, and I have a copy of the site as
it was before it vanished.

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Post by pv » Thu, 27 Jan 2005 05:49:18

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If you email me at XXXX@XXXXX.COM I'll reset the password and give
you the relevant FTP details tomorrow and then you can upload it. :-)

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Post by adop » Thu, 27 Jan 2005 14:04:21

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'Scuse me ..Bill /is/ still around - as you know!
He continues to maintain, as far as possible, the
FAQs, (Newsgroups) and things. Danny had the key
access to the ZFC Website, until somehow it became
detached from the Body Corporate..and aiui he was
unable to remember the password. Paul has been
fully aware of this - but I guess is awaiting his
own developments...

Other than that - and not to bore anyone for this
is a little OT for csam - Bill, as many others, is
waiting upon the ArgoNet server being fixed. It is,
by any standard, tremendously broken and access,
especially for dsl customers, is a complete non-starter.

It's now moving into the third month since I had
even a minimal access to that server - and with none
of the ArgoNet newsgroups, nor access to anything but
a very, very limited subset of Usenet, even when
the useless thing might briefly hiccup into life...

I must guess that ArgoNet, along with it's parent
company Freedom2 - and that means the Directors - are
finding some extraordinary difficulty in fixing - or
just simply re-directing - within the server network.

Bluntly, it doesn't take long for Second Hand Info Tech
like this to become all too obvious within the City.
The result - a little like Acorn not many years ago. The
shares et al will drop virtually to Zero - and there's
no paternal INTEL with an assisting ARM on the horizon
to alleviate...

Sorry to warn - but lack of confidence can and will
dissapates any chance of success, for anyone, literally

..and apologies for the slight rant folks - it's pure
frustration combined with a sorely tried patience -
and nowhere for any of us to presently discuss these
easily fixed matters effectively.

mutter.. mutter..

Bill ZFC

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Post by druc » Fri, 28 Jan 2005 03:05:50

I'm not quite sure what you are trying to say there, but it sounds like you
think Intel own ARM - the certainly dont.


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Post by adop » Fri, 28 Jan 2005 06:51:05

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" /assisting/ ARM"... ;))

SA developments, ex Acorn, Digital et al, have helped
provide INTEL with a very sizeable part of their income
in recent years.

As I understand it, xscale, for instance - as a part of
that whole development process, is expected to top some
billion or more sales this year ..and that continuing
into the forseeable future.

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No, my original, (somewhat OT comment), is primarily about
the easy manner in which confidence and market share can
be lost; quite literally overnight simply through a lack of
diligent attention and application to Customer Relations..
regardless of the oft merely assumed wealth/position/power
of a supplier of services. :))

Bill ZFC

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Post by Chris Evan » Sat, 29 Jan 2005 20:26:06

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Billion $s or units?

Sounds a lot more either way than I was expecting, which would be circa 1 or
2% of turnover!

Do you have any sources to quote?
i.e. which division sells it? what was there % of turnover?

I also wonder how much money ARM makes out of Intel, it's never been
disclosed AFAIAA

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Post by adop » Sat, 29 Jan 2005 23:33:52

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Not sure, could just be a billion units at 1p for 10,000.. ;))

iirc, the projection was dropped at an informal
local meeting. (I don't /think/ I misheard)...

...but, such 'Chinese Whispers' are exactly what
the City power brokers use, every minute of every

Another reason among many why it's a good idea
to strive to maintain excellent customer relations,
with good team work and solid, friendly support
between customers, suppliers and developers - no
matter how 'small' nor how 'large' each might believe
themselves to be...!


Well, we minions probably won't get to know until
the dust settles a hundred years from now - unless
we can develop a way of using our new Freedom of
Information Act(s). :))

Bill ZFC

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