OT: PC on a LAN

OT: PC on a LAN

Post by New » Sat, 13 Dec 2008 19:53:30

I have two RPCs and a PC on my LAN. All works just fine. I use OmniClient
to share files with the PC and Uniprint to share a printer.

A few days ago the PC reported it was installing updates to AVG free when
I shut it down. Next day neither of the browsers etc would get online.
Omniclient and Uniprint ok - and the network card working normally
according to the PC. Could access the router ok but nothing else I tried
like Google.

I quit AVG and all the fire walls etc but still the same. Uninstalled AVG
as well.

Trouble is I don't really understand these things and just followed Paul
Vigay's excellent instructions for setting up OmniClient.

But I've tried changing the PC to get IP etc automatically etc and it
still doesn't work.

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OT: PC on a LAN

Post by Alan Adam » Sun, 14 Dec 2008 03:51:19

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With this sort of problem it's better to start at the bottom of the
network stack and test things, working up the stack until you hity a
problem. Using a browser is starting at the top.

First check what IP settings you have. Start a command prompt (Start
button, click on Run, and type cmd into the window. Press enter.)
In the command window type ipconfig /all

You will see a lot of things. The key ones are the IP address, the
network mask, the gateway address, and the first name server (DNS
server) address.

From the sound of things the name server will be where the problems
lie. In almost all home setups it should be the same address as the

Without that entry, you can access web sites, like your router's
config page, by address, but not by name.

The other possibility is the gateway address. That should most
definitely point to the router. It is only used when accessing things
off your LAN.

If they both look OK, you can start low-level tests.

ping the router address. You should get 4 successful returns. If not,
check the cables, and make sure the IP address you are using is in the
same network as the router. The simplest way is to make sure the first
3 numbers are the same as the router, and the last one must be
different. The network mask must also be the same as the router in its
entirety. (If it isn't, things may work on the LAN, but most likely
won't work outside it.)

If you can ping the router, the next test is name resolution.

Type nslookup and press enter.

You should see some information about the defined name server. It will
not be able to get its name, so one warning is normal.

Type www.bbc.co.uk

You should get information about the address, with in this case, an
alternate name and an IP address or two.

If you get an error, your name server config is pointing at something
which cannot resolve names.

If these both work, type exit, to get back to the command prompt.#

Now type ping www.bbc.co.uk. It should respond, unless your ISP blocks
ping - most don't.

If it works, try your browser, and put www.bbc.co.uk in the URL field.

If it fails, something is blocking outbound traffic on port 80. That
could be the PC firewall, either the windows one or Zione alarm, or it
could be your router.

Can the other computers get to the BBC? If so, the problem is in the
PC, if not it is the router or further afield.

Let us know how you get on.

Alan Adams, from Northamptonshire


OT: PC on a LAN

Post by Mik Tows » Sun, 14 Dec 2008 06:38:00

I had this happen toe a few months ago. I uninstalled AVG & reinstalled the
latest version (which I was able to d/l via another PC).

I found that I had to run the Windows 'Network Setup Wizard' before I could
access anything with Firefox.

It's something I've found I needed to do many times in the past. Everything
appears okay when you check the LAN settings, but you can't 'get through' the
router. I assumed that running the wizard writes somethng to the registry.

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