RISC OS ftp server

RISC OS ftp server

Post by lk » Sun, 28 Dec 2008 02:36:29

Hi all

I mailed this ng a few months back as I'm trying to build a combined econet
/ ethernet using an A5000 as a bridge between the two. Not surprisingly
I'm hitting problems but I'm almost there - need some help with what's
probably the final hurdle.

Econet is working fine - L4FS doing the business between one BBC Master and
the A5000.

Ethernet podule is wroking fine - I can use Ant internet suite to ping my
local machines but two problems:
1) I can't get outside - DNS is failing whenever I ping e.g.
ftp.mirrorservice.org I get cannot find site.
2) More importantly I can't get ftp access from the A5000 to my local NAS -
I get problems with the directory listing failing and FTP client exits with
a "type 2 error". What I really want (because not sure how RISC OS handles
sftp, scp etc) is to run a basic ftp server on the RISC OS machine - but I
can't tell if Ant comes with one (if so what's it called?). If there's one
out there on the web, I can probably get it onto the A5000 via floppies and

Basically I don't know what !Resolver does - I've gone through the
!Configure that comes with ant but not sure what else I need to do.

Any advice very welcome.


RISC OS ftp server

Post by Brian Howl » Sun, 28 Dec 2008 03:35:57

FTPs - http://www.yqcomputer.com/
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RISC OS ftp server

Post by Andrew Wic » Sun, 28 Dec 2008 03:37:21

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The Internet Suite did not come with an FTP server, but one is available:
!FTPs - from the "help" entry:

FTPs is 2004, written by Chris & Tim Ballance, with help from JWB

FTPs provides a basic password protected FTP server

No responsibility is accepted for any malfunction..
You use FTPs entirely at your own risk

Paths are normally set up in the !Boot file
Usernames, Passwords, Access Permissions and Root Paths are held in
the file set by<.. usually FTPs:Config.users
These user accounts are configured using the command FTPs_Password
Type Help FTPs_Password for more instructions, or read the config file

FTPs_Log changes the log level. Default is 0, larger numbers give
more information.< can be set before the
module is launched to change the default

FTPs_LogOptions sets the Log file name and storage/cycling details, and
< can be set to preconfigure these before !FTPs
is launched. Type Help FTPs_LogOptions for the format of both these

< may be set before !FTPs is launched to change the
default inactivity timeout from 300 seconds (in 0.5 sec increments)

FTPs_Help .. this message
FTPs_Password .. set up users
FTPs_Log .. control logging
FTPs_LogOptions .. set logging options

>> >>Basically I don't know what !Resolver does - I've gone through the >>!Configure that comes with ant but not sure what else I need to do. >> >>Any advice very welcome. >>

Try the "universal boot" which contains an alternative internet
configuration tool - you can then inspect the output to compare
with the ANT config files.

Good luck,

RISC OS ftp server

Post by lk » Mon, 29 Dec 2008 02:10:24

"Andrew Wickham" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > wrote in message
news:25a0db1350% XXXX@XXXXX.COM ...

Thanks both for your inputs. I'm nearly there - in fact I am there in a
manner of speaking. The story so far:

As I say, Econet is working fine. For some reason the ftp client that came
with ANT refuses to recognise both of my NAS boxes. Not sure why but
(having googled about and seen how prevalent lanman98 is) I thought it might
be to do with long filenames. Now as it happens, I run a small "cluster"
of old PCs - each of which predates ssh so basically they're perfect for
insecure ftp clients. Lo and behold, the RISC OS ftp client is happy to
deal with the ftp server running on one of these boxes. Result: Move the
files from my NAS to my Linux box where the RISCOS machine can pick them
up - drag and drop to the root folder of an econet user (or more
realistically make the URD of said user the same folder and bingo - the
files are there - seemingly but not quite).

The problem is in file types: I use BBC explorer to separate an image file
(ssd or whatever) into its components i.e. games.ssd becomes !Boot, Revs,
Snapper etc etc. This works fine for "bare" files. Trouble is once I get
these files onto the A5000 whereupon I can get at them from the Econet, they
are all listed as text files - no matter whether they are text files,
executables or compiled code.

I'm sure the answer lies in the .inf files that bbc explorer creates for
each bare file. So for example if I had a basic program called dave then
the bare file dave would be created by BBC explorer as well as dave.inf and
dave.inf would be a one line text file containing ff8023 and the other bits
of info you could get from *INFO. Does anyone know how I get around this?

For the same reason, I couldn't make !FTPs work. I managed to get the bare
files onto the A5000 but it's treated them all as text files not
executables. There must be an easy way around this but I can't see it yet.

Any advice, as always, very welcome.



RISC OS ftp server

Post by Alex Macfa » Thu, 01 Jan 2009 07:32:15


I seem to recall there being a program which would take the file and the
.inf one, and correctly 'stamp' the file so that RISC OS machines could
see it correctly. But I've no idea where it came from... possibly it was
packaged with 6502Em by Warm Silence Software.