A4000 network and web browser

A4000 network and web browser

Post by Phil » Fri, 01 Dec 2006 08:04:36

I would like to connect my A4000 to my network for fun and to transfer
files. I have seen on cjemicros site two network cards, one is a SH Access+
for A3020/A4000 10bT and the other Access+ minipodule for A4000 10b2 and T.
Which should I buy?

Also is there a web browser that will run on the A4000, and more likely FTP
software, and what are the chances of connecting to NFS shares? I used to
know all this stuff, long forgotten. Can anyone help?


A4000 network and web browser

Post by druc » Fri, 01 Dec 2006 08:28:31

The forumer probably, you dont need 10 base 2 these days.

!FTPc might work, don't know about Sunfish for NFS. As for browsing if you
can dig up old copies of Browse and Fresco they'll work on such an old
machine, but it wont be pleasant.


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A4000 network and web browser

Post by Rob Kendri » Fri, 01 Dec 2006 09:53:50

Were Browse and Fresco ever pleasant on fast machines? :) I seem to
recall discounting Browse completely the moment I first used it, and
Fresco was only just bearable.

I seem to recall that once upon a time, NetSurf ran on RISC OS 3 machines.
I'm not sure current versions do, but you might be able to dig out an old
version. It won't be as quick a Fresco, but at least it'd be obtainable
legally and reasonably easily.

Other than that, ArcWeb and Webite might be goers. If you manage to find
the (pre-XL) Webster, don't bother with it.


A4000 network and web browser

Post by Paul Viga » Fri, 01 Dec 2006 10:05:20

In article < XXXX@XXXXX.COM >,

You can download a copy of Fresco from

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A4000 network and web browser

Post by Brian Howl » Fri, 01 Dec 2006 19:54:55

Netsurf's Help file says it runs on RISC OS 3 or above. For machines
with limited memory, there is a "small build" which doesn't have https
support, and should run on machines with 8MB RAM, or less.


You'll need to download the Universal Boot if you don't already have
it, and the other dependencies - see the "Test Builds" link on the
above page.
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A4000 network and web browser

Post by Alan Calde » Fri, 01 Dec 2006 22:49:58

In article < XXXX@XXXXX.COM >, Rob Kendrick



What was/is so unpleasant about Browse in your opinion? Still the first
browser I go for on RO - simple and clean in its operation - the only real
lack is the huge one of no Javascript. Still gets to most sites without
problems, though because of the above lack it can't always get around them.
Even manages sites such as the new Al-Jazeera one which Netsurf fails to
render effectively! Not bad for such an oldie :-)


(still pining for a happier RO time)


Alan Calder, Milton Keynes, UK.