Network Icon Greyed Out

Network Icon Greyed Out

Post by The Bor » Mon, 21 Mar 2005 03:47:27

I recently installed the new Universal Boot Sequence on my RO3.7 RPC in
order to run RiscScript and found that when setting up the newtork
configuration again, the Network icon within the Configuration window was
greyed out.

I've now had to revert to the !Boot that came with the computer but find
that the Host names window has everything greyed out except the Host name
field and Use hosts file only.

Since setting this up, I've also found that when !InetSuite has been loaded,
a message comes up saying "object not found" when I shutdown the machine.
I'm then left with a blank desktop but only with !Printers still on the Icon

I'd naturally be grateful if someone could shed some light on these




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