Scan doubler flicker fixer

Scan doubler flicker fixer

Post by Mike Le » Mon, 08 Mar 2004 06:34:24

Hi Group,
I use an Amiga 1200 via a VGA adapter on a Microvitec monitor, using
Multiscan Productivity mode 656 x 495 in 32 colours.

This mode is good BUT I cant play a lot of my PAL games.

If I use a Scan Doubler flicker fixer using PAL Hi-Res on 640 x 256 will
this be the same resolution on a VGA monitor?

What will I expect to see?



Scan doubler flicker fixer

Post by Mike Leavi » Mon, 08 Mar 2004 07:25:40

Hello Mike Lee

PAL High-Res or High-Res Laced does very well on the built in
flicker-fixer/scandoubler of my A3000, it should work well on yours
too if you get a good flicker-fixer. I get about 724x280 with
overscan here.
Mike Leavitt