Hardware for Amiga 1200?

Hardware for Amiga 1200?

Post by larse » Tue, 21 Feb 2006 21:54:40

I have just bought an Amiga 1200 "Magic Pack" (not used, it will be a
fantastic feeling to unpack a new Amiga), and now I'm scanning the net
for more information. What can I do with it? How can I upgrade it? I
haven't used my Amiga 500 for about ten years, so I'm a little bit
lost. I divided my questions into some few sections:

Zorro expansion
The A1200 has only one zorro port. I've heard about A1200 Tower. Do I
get more zorro ports if I buy a A1200 Tower, or is it just a box where
I place my A1200 motherboard? Is it possible to upgrade the Amiga 1200
with more zorro ports (by splitting)? What are the benefits with a

Turbo card
Are these produced anymore, or do I have to find them on ebay? Are
these installed internally or do they take up a zorro port? I've read a
little bit about Blizzard and Apollo. What should I get? What about
PPC-expansion? What do I need to run OS4?

Memory upgrade
A first step should be to upgrade the memory so I can install OS3.9.
Elbox 1200 seems to be a nice memory upgrade card with a socket for a
68882 PGA FPU. Is this memory installed internally? Is it possible to
buy the FPU anywhere? How many programs uses the FPU? With the Elbox
1200, I will get 6 MB of total memory. I wonder if it is enough for
running OS3.9?

Graphics card
Is it possible to upgrade the graphics with a better graphics cards?
OpenGL? Through zorro-port?

Sound card
I saw that Individual Computers sells Delfina, which seems to be quite
nice. How well is it supported by software? Does it come with
midi-interface? What other solutions are there?

Should I get a pc-card or should I buy an ethernet-card for the

CD-ROM, DVD, Burner
I saw that the ethernet card from Individual Computers has IDE so I can
connect a CD-ROM drive. Is it possible to use CD-burner? DVD-burner?
What other solutions do I have to connect a CD-ROM?

Scan doubler
It would be nice to be able to play all the old games and demos on my
PC-screen. I've heard that A1200 can emulate a PAL screen in the OS,
but I guess this won't work for most games. I saw that there's a scan
doubler called Indivision. Is that one good?

Power supply
I guess that I need a better power supply with all these add-ons. Do I
need a Tower or can I buy just a power supply?

General questions
Individual Computers and Elbox are two companies I've found that still
make Amiga hardware. What other companies and resellers are there?


Hardware for Amiga 1200?

Post by Glen » Wed, 22 Feb 2006 03:01:34

gt; + On 20-Feb-06 13:54:40
+larsef < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > wrote

The A1200 dont have any Zorroports at all, only A2000 (Zorro2) ,3000
and A4000 (Zorro3) have. (A1000 have a slot that is similar to the
Zorro1 port)

There are towers that is just a case, and towers wich will give you
zorroslots, usally Zorro2.

The benefit with a tower is that you get more space, several
turbocards cannot even be used without a tower.

To run OS4 you have to have patience, the classic-version isnt released (yet),
but it will need a PPC-based accelerator, and right now there is only
one, the BlizzardPPC.

For other accelerators I would go for 040 or 060, 030-50 is useable but
a bit slow today..

No idea, but you want an accelerator instead, period.

The BlizzardPPC have its own slot for a special gfxcard, otherwise you
have to get zorroslots.. the problem is that you get limited to Zorro2
in most cases (there are only one zorro3-solution, and its VERY rare)
and Zorro2 is a bit too slow to be fun with gfxcards.

I dont know much about AHI (wich is the soundsystem) so i let someone
else reply to that.

Well, up to you, but second hand pc-cards can be found VERY cheap..
just check the compatiblity lists first.

You can connect it to the internal IDE-port.. but you'll need software.
(you also need a 2.5" to 3.5" convertercable)

No idea about that particular scandoubler, but try to go for an internal.

You can either buy a special powersupply, or make an own one from a
PC-supply, or go for a tower.

Depending on where you live I guess.. your namew sounds nordic, and
for sweden there are two companies, "guru meditation" and GGS-data.