CDTV SCSI controller

CDTV SCSI controller

Post by ant » Mon, 17 Nov 2008 18:25:46

Hi to the comunity

I have made a SCSI controller for the cdtv and A570 module expansion, and it
is available to be ordered..

For available I mean when I recive the the pcbs, I am waiting for a minum of
10/15 unit for type to order, to reduce cost of pcb production and final
price for you.

my site page concernig this project is not yet upgraded, but it will done in
few days.

On the page you will find 4 different versions but actually on cdtv board is
available...soon it will order pcb modules for A570 and start to test.

if someone wish this board ..please consider email me for prices end specs.
my email contact is on the the my site page.

Ciao by