Dead batteries?

Dead batteries?

Post by Tim » Wed, 28 Apr 2004 08:21:20


Ok it turns out the 4000 in question has indeed been damaged by the leaking
battery. Even though it was not that bad, good thing I cought it when I did
or there would be worse damage! A track near U177 looks darker at one area,
maybe this is where the damage is. I will test it to make sure. Not sure
what else to do at this point. The board looks great compared to my 2000
board! On my 2000 the battery leaked real bad soaking all around the area.
It was removed, and cleaned and everything works fine! Those 4000 sure are


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Ok here is a weird question. Several weeks ago my 4 or 5 year old
Dell Inspiron 5000e laptop started having the following problems:

1. If left to sit for several hours or after it was on for an
extended period of time it would hard power OFF (this wasn't because
of any power settings that I could find).

2. The screen would be black after boot up. I could hook it up to an
external monitor, but the LCD screen was black except for you could
just make out what was on the screen, but just barely. Sometimes the
screen would work, other times it wouldn't, other times it would pop
up and start working after it had been on for 20 or 30 minutes.

2a. The green light on the lcd case (lower left hand corner) to
indicate the power was on would sometimes be lit and other times it
wouldn't. This did NOT coincide with when the monitor was blank.

4. Finally one evening it would not boot up at all. It would start
to boot up but would just die like I had turned OFF the power.

Now, the apparent solution: My battery had been useless for months
(about 2 - 3 min worth of power max) but I had kept it in the laptop.
Basically I could only use the laptop using the AC adapter. Well I
removed the battery and everything seems to be working fine.

Finally my question. Could this really have been the problem... a
dead battery? Could a bad battery cause all these problems even when
on AC power?

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