Error 1926 during installation of dotnetfx

Error 1926 during installation of dotnetfx

Post by Ferd » Wed, 10 Dec 2003 20:18:32

During installation of .NET Framework 1.1 on a W2k Server
I get an error message:
Error 1926: Could not set file security for
file 'C:\Config.Msi\'. Error: 5. Verify that you have
sufficient privileges to modify the security permissions
for this file.
After this error, the installation process will be
finished and rolled back.
I'm logged on as Administrator of this machine. On the
same machine Framework 1.0 is already installed and
I was already looking around on various internet sites,
but till now I found no solution to overcome this
problem. Who can help me?


Error 1926 during installation of dotnetfx

Post by Phil Wilso » Thu, 11 Dec 2003 13:09:19

This from Carolyn Napier in the win2000.msi group, 12/7, hope she doesn't
mind me repeating it here:

One thing to verify is that NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM has full control on the C
Try running "cacls.exe c:\" from a command prompt. You should at least see
something that includes the following:

C:\>cacls c:\
c:\ BUILTIN\Administrators:(OI)(CI)F

Hope this helps,
- Carolyn Napier
Microsoft Windows Installer Team

Phil Wilson
[MVP Windows Installer]


Error 1926 during installation of dotnetfx

Post by Ferd » Tue, 16 Dec 2003 16:58:14

This advice was very helpful. SYSTEM had not Full control
on the c drive. Setting this - installation was
Thank you very much

hope she doesn't
control on the C
should at least see


Error 1926 during installation of dotnetfx

Post by JEff Fais » Thu, 18 Dec 2003 02:46:23

Try this, when the error occurs navigate leave the error up so you can
navigate to the Config.MSI folder that was just created, right click on
it, select properties.

I made three changes and I'm not sure which one of combination solved
the problem so I will list all of them here.

1. Security tab, grant everyone listed full control.
2. Click on advanced button, for each user listed uncheck the allow
inheritable permissions box and check the reset permissions box, apply
those changes.
3. Still on the advanced screen ( ACL settings ) , click on the Owner
tab, select the current logged in user and check the "replace owner on
subfolders" box, apply those changes.

Cancel the installation that caused the error. The Config.MSI dir
should be removed. Run the offending installation again, this time it
should complete the install and set permissions on Config.MSI
differently than what is described above.

The folder is there all the time now. Here is the normal mode for this
folder. Right click and select properties, hidden attribute is set.
Click on Security tab, shows System and Administrators group full
control. Click on advanced button to bring up the ACL screen.
Permissions tab shows System and Administrators group full control
again. Owner tab shows System as owner with current user and
administrators group as optional owners.

Hope that helps.

JEff Faist
SCM Consultant
Golden Colorado

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