FA: Apple ][ (not ][+) Clone, 2 Disk ][ clones, Apple Joystick clone

FA: Apple ][ (not ][+) Clone, 2 Disk ][ clones, Apple Joystick clone

Post by ticmani » Fri, 09 Jan 2004 02:40:35

Hello All!

I'm offering the following Items on (German) ebay:

An Apple ][ (not ][+) clone w/ Language Card in an
original-Apple-shape case, RAM, ROM and CPU are tested and working,
Text mode works, Graphics modes don't work correctly (but the program
keeps running, only the display does not work correctly). I guess it
needs a few new 74xx chips, they're all socketed, but currently I
don't have the time to fix it myself since my studies have to take
first place. I'm adding in another non-working mainboard of the same
vintage. The power supply is for 220-230V AC, but it's not an
Euroapple, the output is true-blue NTSC video.


A pair of two (different) Apple "Disk ][" clones (both are
functionally 100% compatible to the original, they work with protected
game disks), speed recently adjusted, heads recently cleaned, complete
w/ a clone controller card.


An Apple Joystick clone, attaches to the internal joystick port
present in all Apple IIs except for the IIc:


In addition, I have a couple of Commodore Items and an Amstrad
Joystick for offer as well. All auctions will end during the evening
of Saturday German Time, i.e. Saturday Morning U.S. Time.

Shipping costs outside Germany will be based on the actual costs that
German Post Inc charges. Note though, payment is possible by bank
transfer ONLY, so no PayPal, Money Orders, Cheques, Cash, etc.

Thanks for your consideration!

Linards Ticmanis

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I hope you can answer me a question:
I read in a magazine an article about copy protection and cloning. In
that article a programmer of a big software company said, it would be
possible to recognize, that a harddisk has been cloned or imaged.


Hmmm, I don't think so. If I connect a harddisk as slave to my PC and
don't start any software of that drive, how can this be identified? At
least a program which logs it anywhere must be executed as soon as the
source disk will be accessed. But how will this program be executed?

May be here is one assembler-programmer reading this:
Is it possible to add a small routine to the boot area of a
harddisk...or something like that...I guess you know what I mean)?

It would be interesting to read your thoughts about this!


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