Integer Basic integers

Integer Basic integers

Post by datajer » Wed, 28 Apr 2010 11:26:30

Is there a hack, tip, or trick to get Integer Basic to use 0 - 65535
for the integer range instead of -32768 - 32767. I would expect 255 *
256 to produce a negative number instead of an error.


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2. Compiler chokes on correct syntax TreeView1_KeyDown(KeyCode As Integer, Shift As Integer).

My Excel 2002 VB Editor has Microsoft Visual Basic 6.3.

I've been using TreeView months and it works great. Now I want to use
KeyDown. VB 6.3 Help says syntax is:

"Event KeyDown(KeyCode As Integer, Shift As Integer)"

So I have:

[In Form Module UserForm1:]
Private Sub TreeView1_KeyDown(KeyCode As Integer, Shift As Integer)

But the compiler chokes on that line with:

"Procedure declaration does not match description of event or
procedure having the same name" [terminated without punctuation]

Besides the complaint that it'd take only half those words for the
stupid error msg. to tell you what the syntax *is*, I've tried several
variations and they all *** too, e.g.:

Private Sub TreeView1_KeyDown(

ByVal KeyCode As Integer, ByVal Shift As Integer
KeyCode As ReturnInteger, Shift As Integer
ByVal KeyCode As ReturnInteger, ByVal Shift As Integer
KeyCode As MSForms.ReturnInteger, Shift As Integer
ByVal KeyCode As MSForms.ReturnInteger, ByVal Shift As Integer
KeyAscii As Integer, Shift As Integer
ByVal KeyAscii As Integer, ByVal Shift As Integer
As String


Yet right above it in the same module I've been using:

Private Sub TreeView1_KeyPress(KeyAscii As Integer)

and it compiles fine.

Full disclosure dept.: I'm implementing UserForm thru Stephen Bullen's
great CFormChanger, but all he does is set some simple sizing & button
properties & methods at the form level.

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks much.


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