re-using my MultiIce probe

re-using my MultiIce probe

Post by marc.abram » Wed, 06 Jul 2005 08:32:59

in my company, we have done many project in the past, using SDT 2.51 and
some MultiIce probe from Arm. Those probe have been working using MultiIce
Server 1.3.

We are still using theses probe from time to time, but one of the problem we
have, is that MultiIceServer 1.3 is not working on Win Xp, but only on
Win98... And since we have very few win98 left, this become a bug problem.
Of course, as usual, Arm is not able to provide us with an upgraded
MultiIceserver (or for a so expensive price that we better have to buy new
probe). Any hint to make Multice Server work on win Xp ?

Right now, we are also thinking of doing a new project on an ARM9 based
processor. In order to reduce the cost, we would like to re-use the MultiIce
probe.. and probably also use GCC, since Realview is really very very
expensive.. So, the questions are:

- is there any (good) debuger able to use the MultiIce probe ? If yes,
do this de *** also need MultiIce server (then, we will be faced the
win98/winXp problem... se before)

- I tried to built the MultiIce-Gdb-server, but until now, I did not
succeed. One of the problem is that you need to find very old version of GDB
to make it (something like version 5.1, when current version is 6.1). The
second problem is that I will need to install a full GCC for X86, and to
make it work. Since I don't want to loose time doing something that has
already been done by other (more skilled) people a zillion of time, ill one
of you be kind enough to give me a link where I will be able to find a
MultiIce-Gdb-Server as executable/binary , compatible with the latest
version of GDB/Insight.

If I don't succeed to reuse my multice probe, I will have to buy some new
probe/de *** ... But I will need something working very well, and also
very cheap.. and also something quick (I tried some probes that use about 10
min to download a 1MB binary, and that's really to slow for what we need).
Any advice ? what about the jtagJet probe/chameleon from signum. They seams
to be inexpensive and fast, but are they good ?

thanks to all in advance for any help
(p.s: please remove nospam from my email adress to answer me)

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