ST to PC adapter cable info uploaded!

ST to PC adapter cable info uploaded!

Post by hallvar » Thu, 02 Oct 2003 03:32:28

I've just completed building, testing and finally writing instructions
for building a monitor cable which allows you to use virtually any
standard VGA/SVGA (PC) monitor with your Atari ST in "high" mode
(640x400, black/white).

I know, I know....
this sort of stuff has been documented a million times before, but... in
my opinion, none of these have been complete (no offense to the
contributors), leaving out little details which have to be guessed by
the builder -no problem for people knowing what they're doing, but a
problem for beginners who need everything explained in detail, which
I've done....

The cable I've built and documented has these features:

-compatible with any standard VGA or SVGA monitor (must be able to
handle 35.7 KHz horizontal/71.2 Hz vertical) including LCD flatscreen,
large monitors, screen projectors etc.

-audio output (for monitors with speakers or external multimedia

-option for black/white, red, green, blue, orange, yellow (and any other
colour) screen with trimmers located inside connector for adjustments.

The file is mentioned/linked to from the Notator FAQ, or you can
download it by going to: #st_vga

Feel free to spread it around, upload it to the FTP sites etc. as long
as you don't change the contents or leave out any of the included files.

I've just built mine, tested it with two different monitors and have to
say it works very well! Hope someone else will find it useful.

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ST to PC adapter cable info uploaded!

Post by Barrie at » Thu, 02 Oct 2003 08:17:43


Ho ho ho, no, make that Oh dear....still wasting time trying to re-invent
the wheel, I see.

As you say, this has been done to death, all you've done is add un-necessary
detail and complication.

If you must continue to interfere in the Atari world, UPDATE the Notator



ST to PC adapter cable info uploaded!

Post by hallvar » Fri, 03 Oct 2003 17:22:56

I've just been alerted by someone of a minor shortcoming to the project
(the trimmers had an unused pin which I've now connected to the wipers)
along with some other minor edits. So I've made the changes to my own
cable, tested it and uploaded a new, corrected version of the project.

If you've downloaded the file already, please delete it and download it
again. You can find it here: #st_vga

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