RequestSoapContext MessageId

RequestSoapContext MessageId

Post by VG9uaW » Wed, 11 Aug 2004 15:51:02

Is there a way of obtaining the addressing messageId of the
RequestSoapContext in a web service client ? I am using the following code:

string packet = "a";
PingServiceWebClient.PingServiceWse pingService = new
Console.WriteLine("RequestSoapContext Addressing MessageId = " +
pingService.Ping(ref packet);
Console.WriteLine("RequestSoapContext Addressing MessageId = " +
Console.WriteLine("ResponseSoapContext Addressing RelatesTo = " +
Console.WriteLine("ResponseSoapContext Addressing MessageId = " +

and gets the following results:

RequestSoapContext Addressing MessageId = 25d933ff-8fb1-4735-bf5d-24fb262e4acd
RequestSoapContext Addressing MessageId = 265335cc-94f8-4c58-a1f7-4ec384b47ee1
ResponseSoapContext Addressing RelatesTo =
ResponseSoapContext Addressing MessageId =

Notice that I always get a different messageId in the RequestSoapContext and
it never is the same as the RelatesTo id in the ResponseSoapContext.


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I have a C++ web service interface, generated from sproxy.exe, which creates
the interface class derived from CSoapRootHandler i.e.

class CLocationServiceT :
public TClient,
public CSoapRootHandler

However, as the interface is done using https and security, I need to add a
security toked (already generated) by calling
RequestSoapContext.Security.Tokens.Add - however I can not seem to get to the
RequestSoapContext in the web service class. I assume that CSoapRootHandler
should provide an interface to this or CSoapRootHandler should be replaced
with a class from WSE2 ?

Any help on this matter would be most appreciated.


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