WSE 2.0 Calling another WSE 2.0 implemented web service is failed.

WSE 2.0 Calling another WSE 2.0 implemented web service is failed.

Post by nithikasem » Wed, 21 Jul 2004 02:39:36


I am not sure if I am missing something here.

I have one implemented WSE 2.0 web service(web service X) that calls
another implemented WSE 2.0 web service (web service Y). It always
failed on the second time unless I recycled the pool (I am using IIS
6.0 and server 2003) or I used custom authentication class to call
SSPI logon for doing the authentication. The policy cache has 2 end
points, one for default and one for web service Y's url, both were set
to check for usernametoken and authenticate it against the set user
role. One observation is, if I removed the role, just check for
usernametoken, it worked. The soap message showed the usernametoken
was there. I am totally lost now!

The exception is policy verification exception. It was thrown from
input filter of web service X when I called it for the second time.

Am I using the right model? Can WSE 2.0 implemented web service call
another implemented WSE 2.0 web service?

Thanks in advance for shredding any light to me,


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