WSE 3.0 Prefix not registered

WSE 3.0 Prefix not registered

Post by SnVyaSBHbH » Sat, 10 Nov 2007 20:55:01


i am using the WSE 3.0. Now each time WSE 3.0 makes an request, the
autogenerated Proxy class thorws an exception that the prefix "soap.tcp" is
not registered.
There is a registerPrefix method, but how do i use it to avoid those

thank you!

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I'm fairly new to webservices and WSE so forgive me if this is a
straightforward question.

I'm trying to call methods against a web service (I believe .net 1.1) from a
.Net 2.0 application. I'm using exactly the same code as I did previously
when using my application under .Net 1.1 but it's not working. The only thing
different is that I'm now using the WSE 3.0 dll whereas before I was using
WSE 2.0.

I'm creating a proxy for the webservice and setting the following.

UsernameToken token = new UsernameToken(userId, userId,
proxy.RequestSoapContext.Security.Elements.Add(new MessageSignature(token));

I'm now getting the following on the callback.

"SoapHeaderException: The signature or decryption was invalid"

Any ideas?

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