Can this be right?

Can this be right?

Post by michael.sp » Thu, 19 Jan 2006 12:02:09

So I can tie into to my AzMan store with no code using the ASP.NET
provider models but I have to write code to lock down the web services
middle tier using AzMan roles? Can someone explain why this disconnect
exists? Do the folks who wrote these things work on different planets?
I need seamless declarative security in the middle tier too from the
same rolemanager provider without having to stuff the proxy with
credentials and work up a token manager. It's all a dot oh revision
across the board as far as I can tell. The implementation is incomplete
and the documentation is anecdotal.

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Newby question alert.

OK. I have a Server 2003 server already running in TS mode for my QuickBooks
Enterprise Edition. I just found out that I need to load Office on the TS
for everything in QBES to work.

Since Office is going to be loaded on the TS can everyone use it? Is it
legal? They have 15 TS licenses for the 15 people that will be accessing
that server. I know that they would be very happy to not have to buy more
Office applications. Thanks in advance for all the help.


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