Does WSE1.0 supported by BizTalk?

Does WSE1.0 supported by BizTalk?

Post by ZGR0 » Sun, 25 Sep 2005 03:11:04

I have a web service which would be integrated with BizTalk, does anybody
know whether the wse1.0 is compatible with bizTalk?

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2. nested loops: '; done ; done' vs. '; done done'


When nesting two for-loops, why does the following work?

for i in a b c ; do for e in x y z ; do echo $i$e ; done done

I was sure it had to be '; done ; done' at the end (which, of course,
works as well). But I tried the former in various shells (old-bourne,
ash, ksh93, zsh, bash...) and it always works. :-)

My guess is that, as 'done' is a shell-reserved word, the shell knows
that they have to be read as two words. Is that the case, or am I on
the completely wrong trace?

Where is this behaviour documented?

Regards, Frank

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