Encrypting with X509SecurityToken

Encrypting with X509SecurityToken

Post by Antonio Di » Fri, 28 Oct 2005 02:13:27

Hi all,

i've got this problem: I can digitally sign a encrypt the comunication
between my client and my service using WSE2.0 sp3. But know i would like
to encrypt some data that the client sends to the service and put it
encrypted in Sql Server. This data will be decrypted again and sent to
some other client.
My problem is: is it possible to use the X509SecurityToken that i get
form ther server certificate to encrypt this data and put it in the DB?


byte[] plainBytes = UTF8Enconding.UTF8.GetBytes(plaintext);

X509SecurityToken token = GetServerToken(certID) as X509SecurityToken;

byte[] encryptedBytes = token.key.EncryptionFormatter.Encrypt(plainBytes);

this gives me an Exception "Bad Length". I know that
AsymmetricEncryption has limits on the size of data that can encrypt but
if i use SymmetricEncryption how can i later decrypt the data again? Do
i store the SymmetricKey encrypted with asymmetric encryption along with
the data encrypted with the symmetric key?


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I am trying to incorporate security into my Web Service. I am attempting to
have my client (MFC C++) connect to my .net Web Service (C#) in a secure
manner. The first thing I am doing is trying to obtain a certificate:

//First action to do is to retrieve a certificate that will be added to the
SOAP message
X509CertificateStore *store =
X509CertificateCollection *col =

if( col->Count == 0 )

X509Certificate* cert = col->get_Item(0);
X509SecurityToken* x509st = new X509SecurityToken(cert);

However, I receive the following error:
error C3828: 'Microsoft::Web::Services::Security::X509SecurityToken':
placement arguments not allowed while creating instances of managed classes

Could someone give me any pointers as to what I am doign wrong? Or if
possible, send me some code snippets on how to do this in MFC C++?

Thanks for any help offered!

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