First post about WSE2.0 SP2

First post about WSE2.0 SP2

Post by Softwarema » Fri, 26 Nov 2004 23:14:39

I took a chance to install SP2 over SP1 and attempt to run a demo that was
working successfully before. However, the demo failed upon SP2 installation.

I took a look at the trace and notice that multiple security headers are not
propagated properly. Seems that the ActorNextURI is not propagated properly
to the next node and therefore a SecurityRefenceNotFound exception is
thrown....hmmm...I dont know.

I have to reinstall back SP1 cos I need to run a few demos for the next
couple of days. Will take a relook at it again once my appetite for risk
runs high again. :) Will further update.

On another note, what is WSE's (SP1) implementation path for handling
security headers with NoActor and another with ActorNextURI ? Seems to throw
an exception at the SecurityInputFilter.ProcessMessage. However, if I
specify an security header with an explicit actor that equals the node and
another with ActorNextURI, the node processes both headers --- which is the
correct behaviour.

Any advice.

Thank you.



First post about WSE2.0 SP2

Post by Sidd » Wed, 01 Dec 2004 10:55:31

Hi Softwaremaker,

Could you please describe your scenario in a little more detail (or
possibly provide me with a repro) and I'd be happy to investigate this for
you. We are trying to determine if this is an issue with the current SP2
build, so the sooner you could get back to me, the better.

Thanks a lot,