Invalid child element in Policy file

Invalid child element in Policy file

Post by Q29saW4gRm » Sat, 23 Sep 2006 12:09:01


I've just started looking at WSE, and I'm looking at passing UsernameTokens.

I've created a web service that used a custom UsernameTokenManager, and it
worked fine. I then programmatically created a policy, with a custome
assertion that created a simple input filter, at that worked fine.

Now I'm trying to set up the policy declaratively, amd I'm getting an error
in devstudio that seems to indicate that the extension for the assertion is
not a valid entry for the subsequent policy element.

My policy file is as follows

<policies xmlns=" ">
<extension name="usernameAssertion" type="ServiceUsernameAssertion" />
<policy name="ServerPolicy">
<usernameAssertion />

the error is

The element 'policy' in namespace
' '
has invalid child element 'usernameAssertion' in namespace
' '. List of possible elements
expected: 'usernameForCertificateSecurity, usernameOverTransportSecurity,
mutualCertificate10Security, mutualCertificate11Security,
anonymousForCertificateSecurity, kerberosSecurity, authorization,
requireSoapHeader, requireActionHeader' in namespace
' ' as well as any element in
namespace '##other'.

Hopefully someone can let me know where the problem lies.

Thanks in advance.

Colin Foulkes

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