Update 260 ST....Need help...

Update 260 ST....Need help...

Post by Amigabo » Wed, 20 Oct 2004 01:24:33

I finally got the courage to take apart the st just to find the folowing
Some kinda of RTC card....The only thing that I can find on it is WEIDE -
It has a lithium battery thou:-)
There is two wires that are going out off her : One (black) is connected to
a MC6850P , and the other (red) is not connected , but Im sure she was
connected...the question is where?
The card is conected to the third rom chip (from the atari sign on the
Also the revision of the mobo is C070243 REV H...What is that revision?
On the rom chip is labeled : RP23256 0161....What version of tos would that
be? (I have no PS to see when I turn it on).
There is 16 chips of ram and an expansion connected to C025614-384 (only IC
within the metal box on the mobo...) .It is ST-K5V4.0...
Please give some info

P.S. Is there some source on the net that I can find the answers to my
questions (like www.amiga-hardware.com in the amiga community)?

P.S.S. Sorry for my bad english , Im in a hurry....

Thanks in advance

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Hi all !!!

I explain you the problem: Wanting to start again my 260 ST, I had the
unpleasant one surprised to have a screen with multicoloured vertical lines
then a whole of multicoloured points!

With each time I starts again it I have same Pb exactly! I dismounted the
monster : a rapid overflight shows me that a condenser isn't well at one end
the face is completely black with a hole! (470 mF, 16v)

I put links to you towards the photographs of what I have (it is easier to
have an idea)!
Two screens:

The condenser :

It would be great someone could say to me if it is repairable or if it
definitively died!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks in advance !!!


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