Extendos 4/IDE Sony CD/DVD drive working great

Extendos 4/IDE Sony CD/DVD drive working great

Post by Edward S. » Tue, 01 Nov 2005 15:24:24

Hello All,

I have installed Extendos 4 and a Sony CD/DVD drive into my Hades and it all
works great. I did have to replace my 2gig Maxtor drive with a Western-Digial
80gig drive though. With the Maxtor drive installed, the Sony drive would not
be recognized unless I made the Sony the master and the Maxtor the slave.

The WD drive is great. It is much faster and much quieter. The only drawback
is that I only use a little over 4gig of the 80gig the drive has. That is ok
for now since I never filled up the Maxtor to begin with.

I also had to replace my floppy drive, but that was my fault. I accidently
unplugged it, so I had to plug in the power cord. I did not get it in all the
way and it came out while the power was on. I got another one from ATY
Computers. Thanks Alex.

Once Roger updates his code I will be able to write to DVD-R and DVD-RW discs.
Right now I can only read, but it is a step.

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