FS: (UK) breaking Atari 1040STF (not FM)

FS: (UK) breaking Atari 1040STF (not FM)

Post by designer4h » Mon, 03 May 2004 19:30:19

I have an Atari 1040STF which has stopped working and I've narrowed it down
to the main board itself. All other parts available from it including
keyboard with red led instead of green found on my STE, floppy, power
supply, case (clean), and any other bits inside. I guess the case might be
quite rare as it doesn't have the hole in the rear for TV being an STF not
the STFM (F=floppy/M=modulator)

Anyone wanting to buy as spares or any of the bits please email offers,

Postage at cost with royal snail.

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