Deuteros - Why are they all hacked?

Deuteros - Why are they all hacked?

Post by ferg20 » Wed, 08 Jun 2005 11:53:46

What's the story with all the Deuteros disk images for sts and amigas?

A couple of years ago I downloaded Steem and Deuteros for st, and
started playing, no trouble.
But when the Methanoids declare war and my research guys come up with
the DFCC and drones, the materials needed for these two items are
swapped(for anyone who's forgotten: the DFCC is the huge
computer/storage container that holds several hundred drones).
So in my game one drone needs 490 tons of material to be built, and a
DFCC only needs 6 tons(or is it 8?)!! This makes the game completely

The first time this happened I thought, 'ok, this is someone playing a
So I downloaded a different disk image, and tried it. Same problem, so
I gave
Yesterday I though 'Why not give the amiga version a try?'. I
downloaded WinUAE and the disk images, started playing(a bit slow and
rough compared to Steem), got to the point of having war declared
against me, researched drones, and of course, they're the size of a
I couldnt believe it. I could understand if most of the st versions
were like this, they may have come from the same source, but the amiga
also? I am starting to wonder if I am wrong, and it was always like
this, maybe a bug in the program that fixes itself later? I have no

Is there someone out there who has a copy(preferably st, but amiga is
ok) that does not have the problem I am describing? I would love to
get hold of it. I am yet to come across a come with the atmosphere of


Deuteros - Why are they all hacked?

Post by ferg20 » Sun, 12 Jun 2005 00:49:50

My apologies to anyone who wasted their time reading my post, I am not
really stupid, it just looks like it. I now know drones in fact SHOULD
be 490 tons. It's been so long, I had forgotten.

To anyone who wants to play Deuteros, some advice: use the atari st
emulator called Steem, use the disk images from pompey pirates or
d-bug, has them.

Don't hesitate it truly is a great game. Don't be put off by the lack
of information in the manual, that's intentional, you will truly be
surprised by this game. It's big, it's difficult, it's brilliant.