[WEB] Eiffel 1.10 update

[WEB] Eiffel 1.10 update

Post by NOSPAM » Tue, 30 Nov 2004 01:50:31


Eiffel Atari PS/2 interface (and more) arrive again in a new update:

* Add IKBD_LCD command for lot of fun user features. Thre are an example
on my site with LCD.SLB used by Aniplayer 2.23 but there are others
examples inside the archive.
* The Eiffel clock can work by interrupts (better precision) but this
feature need to reprogram the PIC (eiffel_i.hex, v1.10i). So it's also
possible to use the version without interrupts (eiffel.hex).
* New boot loader in Flash with LCD display.
* Fix AltGr or Shift state if the AltGr/Shift(s) keys are released
before the key.

The HYP is also updated.



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