Amiga Forever / C64 Forever 2009.1 Released (fwd)

Amiga Forever / C64 Forever 2009.1 Released (fwd)

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Subject: Amiga Forever and C64 Forever 2009.1 Released
From: "M. C. Battilana" <mcb.retroplatform(at)>
Date: Fri, November 27, 2009 3:23 pm

(For those who have bought Amiga Forever and/or C64 Forever, there is
free update to version 2009.1.)

New features of the "2009.1" versions include:

- Passed official Windows 7 Logo tests
- Support for Windows 7 "Recent" jump lists
- Rescan command in RP9 Manager
- Export to SD card
- "Now Playing" interface
- Updated "Tip of the Day" content
- New Software Director to check for updates
- Detection and automatic resolution of certain system issues
- Fixed a few bugs in the player
- Various performance improvements

The change logs of each package contain additional details:


To install the free update:

1) Close any Amiga Forever or C64 Forever player windows

2) Open the Windows Control Panel and select Software Director

3) Check for Updates (click the "Check Now" button)

4) If a Software Director self-update is available, it
must be installed first (right-click the self-update
entry and select the Install option)

5) In the new Software Director (version,
tick the boxes to install the updates listed in the
"Free Updates" section

6) After the update you can check the software version
(which should be 2009.1.0.0) in the Help/About dialog
of the Amiga Forever or C64 Forever player

Important: due to some significant changes that were introduced
in the 2009.1 release, and depending on the exact version that
was installed, checking for updates from inside the player may
not work. This is why the above procedure outlines the steps
that can be taken from the Windows Control Panel / Software
Director, which are known to always work. After this one-time
manual update, future updates will work normally.


If you like retro wallpapers, here is a C64-styled set in a
variety of screen resolutions which we also just released:



Amiga Forever and C64 Forever work very well together. For
example, when you double-click an RP9 game file, the correct
player opens automatically, and you can even run Amiga and
C64 (or VIC 20, PET/CBM, etc.) content side by side. If
you haven't yet experienced the complete set, there has never
been a better time to do so (and we have never been in such
need of support ourselves).

We remain committed to cataloging, preserving and making
accessible as many bits and bytes of Commodore/Amiga history
and culture as possible, delivering free RetroPlatform Library
updates, games in the new RP9 format, and enabling hardware
devices which can read data written by Amiga Forever. This will
be the result of the silent work that is ongoing every day, and
of your generous help.

Once again, if you would like to support us, and get the new
and best Amiga Forever and C64 Forever ever, at the lowest
price ever, here are the links: (Amiga Forever) (C64 Forever)