Commodore 1902 (for parts) free for shipping cost.

Commodore 1902 (for parts) free for shipping cost.

Post by Sean Huxte » Mon, 16 Feb 2009 02:09:34

I bought a 1902 on eBay with great hopes of getting my 128 back up and
running properly again.

(My old 1702 was so old and used that it is now blurry, and the color is
off, and I was cheating 80 columns using a hack intensity cable.)

Long story short, it came to me in haphazard packaging, taped together, with
nothing to protect it, and was beaten up by the time I got it.

The front mode switch piece was off (thought I'm confident the switch itself
is still in there). Some parts are loose inside, the case screws came loose
wheir their anchors pulled free, and the case itself is not in good shape,
cracked on one side, broken in the speaker output corner.

But the guts may be useful to someone for parts or to fix up.

If you are willing to pay for shipping (UPS Ground probably the safest
method) then I'm willing to pack it up better than it was packed for me, and
ship it to anyone who thinks they can use it for parts or repair.

I hate to just toss it in a dumpster, the screen itself may be in good
shape. It suffered no impact damage, and may still be quite functional.

Anyway, just mail me if you're interested. In a week or so I'm going to toss

(I got a full refund from the eBay seller after I sent her some photos of
what happened to it.)


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