file uploading web service

file uploading web service

Post by roge » Mon, 25 Jul 2005 21:49:40

i read it somewhere in the artcle at code project that the maximum size of
the soap document that web service can handle by default is 4.9 MB, the
author of the article also suggested the way how to extent the file size
limit and timeout period? i was to ask that is webservice is configured to
allow uploads of 1 GB of file with a timeout of 30 minutes, and a client
application while calling a method aborts say after 2 minutes what will
happen ? will be able to terminate the call to the method or it'll
wait for the timeout period to kill this particular session? if its going to
wait for timeout how can we handle this situation ?



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Hi all,

I am coding the app which running on PPC. On the PPC, we can take images and
save to app local's folder. I want to upload this files to web server by
using web service. but don't known how...??? . I had read some subjects
about upload file to server by webservice...But on PPC, there are something
which is don't support.
Let me know how to do ...

Thank you for your help
Phong Trang

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