Adding default proxy credentails to Request

Adding default proxy credentails to Request

Post by Gila » Wed, 09 Apr 2008 18:50:56


when using WebRequest, in order to over come the proxy server I set:

Req.Proxy = new WebProxy();

This takes the default proxy configuration from the system (the same
one you can configure in the internet explorer) and use it in the

Now that I'm attpempting to move to WSE3 I'm looking for a place to
set these same credentials when using:

SoapClient.SendRequestResponse(soapAction, soapRequest);

Is there a way to do this simply or do I have to be a WES3 guru to
accomplish a simple request over a proxy server?


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I have a cache proxy plug-in which enables the server's reverse proxy
mode using
EnableReverseProxyMode = true

Now with this I can process only those request which are mapped to
origin server.
I can not stream the requests from local publishing point where this
cache proxy plug-in is installed.

WMS_CACHE_QUERY_MISS_SKIP when the request is for local publishing
point. Still its not playing the local request when it is in reverse
proxy mode.
It will play it when reverse proxy is set to false.

Any idea how to play local request with reverse proxy set to true?

Thanks & Regards

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