web service client (help) web service client (help)

Post by baij » Mon, 16 Aug 2004 14:33:20

i wrote webservice using C#.trying to call same from added
webservice using wizard.i created object of webservice.i called first
method, it worked fine.but i try to call another method it fails.
i know we can override this problem using cookies.if anyone know , how
can we create cookies using


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2. SOAP Header in a Dot Net 2.0 Web Service Client Consuming a WCF 3.0 service.

I have been successful consuming a WCF 3.0 service from a 2.0 client. I
would like to embed a token (GUID as string) in the header so I can check
token with a session on the server side.

We have a requirement to run on Windows 2000 professional so we have to use
a .net 2.0 client (WCF basicHttpBinding). Changing the server or the client
to make this work is no problem so I do
not have the requirement of changing only the client.

I have a server side authenticate operation that has username and password
params, which returns a token if authenticated, this process starts a very
light weight client side session. I do NOT want to have the token on every
exposed contract method so a SOAP header is the answer.

Now what I want to do is pass this token in the SOAP header with every call
from the client to the server, extract it from the header on the server and
do a security check to ensure the method they have called is accessible by
the client (the client the token belongs to).

I have found a way to extract (or add as far as that goes) the header on the
server, here's some example

int index =
OperationContext.Current.IncomingMessageHeaders.FindHeader("token", "");
string token =

What I do not know how to do is create a 2.0 client that can see this token.

I am familiar with the ASP.Net 1.1 way of creating a soap header.

Any examples out there?

thanks in advance,

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